Rewiring America – Speeding the Clean Energy Transition with Sam Calisch


Join us for a live interview with Sam Calisch, co-author and research at Rewiring America. In 2020, Rewiring America launched a book, website and jobs report that details the path to effectively decarbonize the US economy by 2035 without forcing Americans to sacrifice their current lifestyles and without having to invent any new technology. Sam Calish and Saul Griffith, the authors, worked with economists to come up with an estimate of how many new jobs this kind of mobilization could create: 25 million over the next five years, they found. More than that, they looked at what kinds of jobs these would be and where they’d be created.

Rewiring America’s plan is just about the boldest we’ve seen — and there are real questions about whether our political system is up for the task. But those are, crucially, political questions; part of answering them is showing that they can be answered, and in ways that make working Americans better off rather than worse. We are in the midst of an unprecedented triple crisis: a public health crisis, an economic crisis, and a climate crisis, each unlike anything we’ve ever faced. If there is a time to be bold, this is it.

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About Sam Calisch
Sam Calisch is founder of Elmworks, a fellow at Cyclotron Road, and a researcher at Rewiring America.  Rewiring America is focused on providing a data-driven, policy-ready vision for the opportunity of deep electrification, in terms of jobs created, money saved, and emissions cut.  Sam earned his Ph.D. in 2019 from MIT, developing technologies aimed at the decarbonization of the transportation and manufacturing sectors.

About Rewiring America
Electrify Everything! We can combat climate change, create millions of new jobs, and save everyone money – without changing our lifestyles. At Rewiring America, we have a plan to rapidly electrify the country. If we act quickly, we can still enjoy a brighter, cleaner, more equitable future for everyone.