Ground Mount Solar

Like the name implies, ground mount solar is a free standing solar array installed on the ground using metal racking systems. When the acreage is available, this strategy makes sense for many applications. Farm, school, and community solar projects can take empty fields and convert them into power producing assets. The energy created can be used for nearby structures, or they can earn credit though a net metering program for the electricity that they send into the electrical grid.

Ground mounted solar systems can take advantage of the changing position of the sun by implementing solar trackers that are programmed to face the most optimal direction as the sun moves across the sky.

Bifacial panels are also well suited for ground mount installations. These panels have solar cells on the back of the panels that capture light reflected off of the ground or other surfaces increasing their capacity to generate power.

Ground mounted solar panels can also be used as a carport or solar canopy, which may be used for shade or as an EV charging station for automobiles.

Check Out These Ground Mount Solar Projects:


Minerallac Goes 100% SolarMinerallac Company located in Hampshire IL (Kane County), completed the installation of a 1.3 acre solar farm (350 kW DC), designed and built by Continental Electrical that will generate 100% of the company’s electricity. Solar will reduce...

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Minerallac Solar Array Installation

Clarke Environmental

Clarke Environmental | 119 kClean Energy Solution A cleaner healthier environment is integral to the mission of Clarke Environmental in St. Charles. They installed 119 kW of solar PV that generates 20% of their power; the array is distributed among a rooftop array,...

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Clark Environmental Roof Solar

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