Continental Energy Solutions
Operations & Maintenance Team

Continental’s Operations & Maintenance Team is the clear choice for commercial and industrial (C&I) PV system owners, operators and developers. CES utilizes a highly-skilled team of NABCEP professionals, electricians and engineers skilled in PV in order to handle the day-to-day and year-after-year business of operating and maintaining PV systems to ensure continued peak performance and the financial longevity of your project.

Our team of experts provides the following full, turn-key O&M Services for your PV system with the goal of maximizing your solar investment.

Our Operations & Maintenance Services:

Active Monitoring with Proactive Response

CES will actively monitor your PV system utilizing the system’s remote monitoring system. When an issue arises, CES will mobilize to notify the client, diagnose the system and repair the issue remotely or onsite.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

CES will perform an annual onsite inspection of your PV system consisting of visual & physical inspections in conjunction with advanced diagnostics procedures. CES will deliver a detailed report of the findings, including recommendations for repair, upkeep and recommended improvements.

Condition-Based Maintenance

CES will dispatch electricians, experienced in PV, to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair any issues, faults or equipment failures that occur within the lifecycle of your system.

System Performance Evaluation

CES will remotely analyze system production performance and provide feedback reports. Actual system production will be compared with production modeling software to analyze system performance. If actual system performance deviates notably from expected, modeled production, CES can utilize a combination of remote diagnostics and onsite system inspection/ testing to assist in identifying and correcting any issues causing the deviation in performance.

Independent System Commissioning

 CES will perform all industry best-practice and manufacturer recommended testing of your new PV system prior to its completion. By utilizing CES’s vast electrical and PV experience, you will ensure that your investment is being built and delivered as promised and that it will deliver the promised energy and financial goals that are intended.

Warranty Coordination & Fulfillment

CES will handle of your warranty-related needs by working directly with the equipment manufacturers, providing & processing all needed documentation and completing equipment replacements to ensure that manufacturer warranties are fully honored and upheld.

Module Soling Analysis & Cleaning Services

Soiling analysis (clean small, designated section of modules, in order to compare production to entire system). CES will perform soling analysis testing on a pre-determined selection of solar modules in order to determine the energy and monetary value of its whole-site cleaning services.


Vegetation Management Services

CES will provide vegetation management services to ensure that potential shading and equipment damage do not affect your PV system’s long-term energy production and financial goals.


Emergency Response Service

CES provides emergency response service in the case that you cannot wait for a scheduled system maintenance visit.

For pricing OR to find out how we can help you maximize your solar investment by entrusting its upkeep, please contact the CES service department.