How the Illinois Solar Market Has Evolved 2017-2020

Brian Haug

Hear a live interview with Brian Haug, President of Continental Energy Solutions, President of the Board, Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA). We are joined by a true expert on the solar industry in Illinois, Brian Haug, PE, a professional engineer who lead Continental’s entrance into the commercial solar market in 2009. Haug has supported the Illinois solar industry through his work at Continental and as a board member and Board President since 2017.  was an early entrant and passionate leader of the solar industry in Illinois. Brian Haug has seen the market grow from dominance by residential and small commercial to the post-FEJA world of Colin Murphy, Owner and President of Simmons Knife & Saw. We will discuss how Simmons’ executive team decided to pursue a rooftop solar project, combining it with a complete re-roof of their facility. Learn how facility owners and managers make the case for rooftop solar in Illinois.

Brian Haug, PE, is the President of Continental Energy Solutions (CES) where he leads a group of solar professionals responsible for finding creative and cost-effective ways to help their customers reduce their energy expenditures with solar and battery storage projects.  Brian has been with Continental for 24 years, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Chicago.  He currently presides as the President of the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA).  He leads a team of engineers and project managers who design and install innovative energy solutions for their commercial, industrial, and institutional customers including solar energy and battery storage microgrids.

Thanks to the Future Energy Jobs Act, Illinois is realizing its goal of 25% clean power by 2025. Solar creates green jobs, clean energy savings, and economic growth across the Midwest and around the world.