Illinois Solar Industry Update — Ten Things You Want to Know

We break down the Illinois Solar Market with Brian Haug, Director of Energy Solutions at Continental Electrical, and Lesley McCain of ISEA (Illinois Solar Energy Association). Haug is the ISEA Board President and has overseen the installation of 75 solar projects totaling 25 MW including the two largest rooftop arrays in the Midwest. The Illinois solar market is now experiencing rapid growth with 666 MW of DG RECs and a total of 2800 MW of solar being installed in the next five years. This is helping Illinois achieve it’s RPS of 25% clean power by 2025. 

Unfortunately, the Future Energy Jobs Act funding mechanism, while very good, is not perfect and there is a funding cliff happening in 2021 unless we get the new Path to 100 legislation that is now working its way through Springfield (the Capitol of IL). There are several energy bills being introduced in Illinois at this time and they are helping to create a more sustainable clean jobs economy and renewables industry in Illinois. You can learn more about the Path to 100 at and take action to support the bill at