Clarke Environmental | 119 k

Clean Energy Solution

A cleaner healthier environment is integral to the mission of Clarke Environmental in St. Charles. They installed 119 kW of solar PV that generates 20% of their power; the array is distributed among a rooftop array, carport,  and a building integrated awning for maximum impact. Clarke is in the process of solarizing multiple facilities in the western suburbs and works with Continental to design and engineer the best solution for each unique facility.



Rooftop, Carport, Awning

100 kW Rooftop
13 kW Carport Array
6 kW Solar Awning
300 W 72-cell Poly Helios Modules
4 Schneider Car Chargers

Annual Impact:

Rooftop, Carport, Awning

132,000 kWh Production
2,404 Trees cleansing the air
19 Cars taken off the road
14 Homes powered for a year

Project Completed:

September 2015