Grayslake District 127 High School | 2.76 MW

School District Goes Green

Grayslake Community High School District installed two rooftop solar PV systems and a ground mount system, totaling 2.76 megawatts and making it one of the first public school districts in the state to adopt solar on a large scale. The declining cost of solar made the project cost-effective for the district. The solar arrays will produce a net savings of $9.8 million over 25 years. Both Grayslake Central HS and Grayslake North HS have roof-mounted solar arrays with an additional ground installation at North HS. The solar PV will offset 32% of utility costs.

The schools also integrated a curriculum developed by the National Energy Education Development (NEED) which includes a web-based energy dashboard for use in the classroom.


1,363 kW of Rooftop
1,400 kW of Ground Mount
8,755 Solar Panels

Annual Impact:

1,821,250 kWh Production
3,322,072 Miles driven by car
203 Homes’ electricity for a year
32% of Energy demand