G&W Electric | Solar Microgrid Project

Powering the Future through Innovative Resilience 

This solar microgrid project at G&W Electric Co. in Bolingbrook, IL is unlike any other project in the Midwest, if not the country. The expansive 2.4MWdc rooftop solar array is one of the largest in the U.S., and utilizes nearly 6,000 bi-facial PV modules to generate 18-20% more energy than the standard PV module.

The battery storage system consists of (20) 40-ft sea containers that will be electrically and mechanically connected to create a 2MW/8.5MWhr vanadium redox flow energy storage system. 

When coupled with a new 1.3MVA Flywheel, these assets work together to create a solar microgrid project that provides unprecedented resiliency. When G&W’s HQ loses utility power, manufacturing operations can roll on and they can continue to provide products to their customers on time.

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