IKEA Joliet Distribution Center | 2.3 MW

Largest Rooftop Array in IL

When the Swedish retailer IKEA announced in 2016 that they would be installing Illinois’ largest rooftop solar array in Joliet, it was natural for them to call on SoCore Energy to design and engineer the 10.5 acre project featuring 9,076 solar panels. SoCore, in turn, contracted CECCo for the installation of the array that was completed in just 6 months.

This project is the 3rd IKEA solar array that CECCo has built, and one of dozens where we partner with other solar developers and general contractors because of the complex nature of large commercial, industrial, and campus projects. Developers and Contractors know that CECCo gets the job done on time on budget with our workforce of 500 field electricians and seasoned foremen. The IKEA Joliet regional warehouse solar array took 21,000 man hours to complete.


2.9 Megawatt Array
9,063 JA Solar 315 W Panels
10.5 Acres of Rooftop

Annual Impact:

3,625,000 kWh Production
6,612,222 Miles driven in a passenger vehicle
940 Tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled
404  Homes’ electricity for a year

Project Completed:

December 2017