Libman Solar Microgrid in Arcola, IL | Built-in Resiliency Powers Production

rooftop solar microgrid

For over 125 years, the Libman family has made quality their utmost priority. Now, with the latest in solar microgrid technology and solar battery storage systems, the Libman company can supply their own energy needs in times of service disruption. Ensuring productivity stays on track. A microgrid, not only serves businesses, but works for the environment too.

The fast-response microgrid implemented at the Libman facility in Arcola, IL. leverages rooftop solar, Tesla Megapack batteries, and a state of the art transfer switch to provide bolstered resiliency to Libman’s critical production operations. Libman production lines now “ride through” grid events that would otherwise interrupt critical operations, saving the company time, effort, and money.

  • PV DC Nameplate: 1.99MW
  • PV AC Nameplate: 1.82MW
  • ESS Nameplate: 2MW / 4MWh


tesla solar batteries

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