Northwestern University Kresge Hall | 81 kW

LEED with Solar Energy

Thanks to extensive renovations including the addition of an 81 kW solar array, Kresge Hall is the University’s first LEED platinum building and the 11th to earn LEED certification between the Evanston and Chicago campuses. Kresge Hall is home to the Weinberg College of Arts and Science’s humanities programs at Northwestern, virtually all undergraduates pass through Kresge Hall at some point in their academic careers. The storied building has been transformed from a rite of passage to a modern, comfortable and healthy environment for the campus community.


81 kW Rooftop Array
254 Canadian Solar 320 W Panels
.25 acres of Rooftop

Annual Impact:

101,250 kWh Production
2,522 Incandescent lamps switched to LEDs
16 Cars taken off the road
11.3 Homes’ electricity use for one year

Project Completed:

May 2017