Simmons Knife & Saw Goes Solar in Glendale Heights, IL | Reducing operating costs, improving the environment

Simmons Goes Solar

Simmons Knife & Saw ( installed a 437 kW DC solar array at their facility in Glendale Heights, IL in the Chicago suburbs. Solar PV will produce 548 MWh/yr (70 percent of the company’s electricity) and reduce their environmental footprint. The company needed a new roof so they combined roofing and solar into a single project thereby benefiting from generous federal and state incentives for solar like the Investment Tax Credit and Solar Renewable Energy Credits. The project was designed and built by Continental Electrical ( Thanks to the Future Energy Jobs Act, Illinois is realizing its goal of 25% clean power by 2025. Solar creates green jobs and economic growth.

The solar array is expected to produce 548 megawatt hours of electricity per year. This is equivalent to 427 Tons of CO2 emissions avoided; 950,000 vehicle miles driven; 67 homes powered and carbon sequestered by 450 acres of forest.

  • Modules: Trina Solar 380W (1149)
  • String Inverters: Chint 60 W
  • Racking: DCE; fully attached

Since 1946, Simmons Knife & Saw has been a supplier of unique blades to industry. World class quality in manufacturing, innovation in design and product development, and exceptional customer service have become Simmons’ trademarks as the company continues to meet constantly changing user demands worldwide.

Continental Electrical Construction Co is the largest commercial & industrial solar installer (solar EPC) in Illinois with over 100 projects and 40 MW of rooftop, ground mount and utility scale solar installations. Contact us about your solar installation today. 

Solar Fully Attached Rooftop Array

Fully Attached Rooftop Array – 434 kW DC / 360 kW AC

Rows of Trina Solar 380 W Modules

Rows of Trina Solar 380 W Modules