Simmons Knife & Saw Goes Solar

Join us for a live interview with Colin Murphy, Owner and President of Simmons Knife & Saw. We will discuss how Simmons’ executive team decided to pursue a rooftop solar project, combining it with a complete re-roof of their facility. Learn how facility owners and managers make the case for rooftop solar in Illinois.

In the fall of 2019, Simmons Knife & Saw ( installed a 437 kW DC solar array at their facility in Glendale Heights, IL in the Chicago suburbs. The solar array 70 percent of the company’s electricity and reduce their environmental footprint. The company needed a new roof so they combined roofing and solar into a single project thereby benefiting from generous federal and state incentives for solar like the Investment Tax Credit and Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

Thanks to the Future Energy Jobs Act, Illinois is realizing its goal of 25% clean power by 2025. Solar creates green jobs and economic growth.