Solar Plus Battery Storage – Business Case for Midwest Manufacturers

Adding battery storage to your solar project gives you added resiliency (backup power), added value from capacity charge reduction and additional tax incentives. Some manufacturers can see steep improvements in clean energy investment ROI when they add battery storage. Join us for a live interview with Marc Thrum where we discover the value stacks of solar plus storage in the Midwest market (PJM/ComEd and MISO/Ameren).

Intelligent generation is a visionary software platform that democratizes the energy sector, empowers the individual and accelerates the growth of renewable energy. IG founder and inventor Jay Marhofer coined the phrase intelligent generation in his 2007 book Reenergizing America. Jay envisioned that the internet would be the catalyst to democratize energy in the same way it had transformed information and commerce through virtual networks. Energy consumers could now participate in power markets as producers and bankers of electricity. After receiving patents on algorithms that optimize a virtual power plant, Intelligent Generation LLC was founded and a talented team developed first generation software for residential solar. Their focus has shifted to commercial and industrial markets that need renewable energy systems to pay off in green dollars.