Net Zero Commercial Construction is the Future
Five Things You Wanted to Know About Our Net Zero Future

Growth of the commercial net zero construction market is vital to the high performance and zero carbon future. Here, Cathy Higgins and Alexi Miller of the New Building Institute reports trends and case studies of net zero construction across the US. Video | Slides

Cathy manages NBI work related to Zero Energy Buildings, measured performance, emerging technologies, and market assessment. She frequently shares findings on buildings and market trends nationally at conferences, webinars and meetings with stakeholders. Cathy is currently leading a $5 million field demonstration in Los Angeles, California.

She is known for her work on the New York Getting to Zero study, a gap analysis of California zero energy emerging technologies, and the energy performance of radiant cooling and heating systems energy use with UC Berkeley.



Cathy Higgins of NBI

Cathy Higgins, Research Director of NBI shares the latest information on zero energy commercial buildings and policies.  NBI is documenting the location, type, size, and energy performance of ‘solar ready’ buildings as well as the local and state policies driving to zero energy and zero carbon outcomes.

Alexi Miller, Senior Project Manager, will give an overview of the GridOptimal Buildings Initiative. GridOptimal is a collaborative initiative that brings together major utilities, designers, regulators, and other national entities interested in optimizing building-grid interactions. Attendees will learn how the new metrics under development will measure the ways in which building can support more effective grid operation.

Alexi Miller of NBI

Alexi Miller is a Senior Project Manager and NBI’s lead engineer. He brings insight and analysis about cutting-edge technologies and strategies to diverse stakeholders as part of a wide-ranging effort to improve the energy performance of the built environment. Alexi leads several programs and initiatives at NBI including the GridOptimal Buildings Initiative and zero energy building tracking and certification. Prior to joining NBI in 2013, he spent six years at The Cadmus Group. Alexi is a registered Professional Engineer in Oregon.