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Planning solar maintenance for the year ahead is a critical step in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your solar energy system. A well-structured maintenance schedule allows for proactive identification of potential issues, such as dust accumulation, wear and tear, or electrical malfunctions, and enables timely repairs or upgrades. This not only maximizes energy production but also minimizes unexpected downtime and associated costs. Additionally, regular maintenance helps to optimize the return on investment by ensuring that your solar panels are performing at their peak efficiency.

November is budget season, and it’s the perfect time to start planning solar maintenance for improved system operation in 2024. O&M services are key to keeping your PV system in top condition, reduce environmental impact, and continuing to harness the benefits of clean, renewable energy throughout the year. The experts at CES Operations and Maintenance are here to help you create the plan best suited for our system. Keep reading to learn more about the WHEN, HOW, WHO, WHAT and WHY maintenance is so important.  


WHEN is the best time for a system maintenance visit? solar technician

Sooner than later.  Complete systems are often warrantied by the installer for one year.  After the first year, the manufacturer’s warranty on the PV modules (up to 25 years) and inverter (up to 10 years) as well as other components transfer to the owner for enforcement.  When is the best time to ramp up your systems maintenance?  Almost immediately at the onset of depleted labor warranties and especially if you have not had a PV system maintenance checkup recently. There are several ways you can maintain optimal performance of your PV system so it’s best to have a plan that includes preventative maintenance with key performance reporting and monitoring.  

HOW will maintenance visits improve my system performance and HOW often should one be scheduled? 

Following an O&M best practices model can ensure system performance under varying conditions starting with a minimum annual preventative maintenance check.  The testing and reporting of your system’s performance will allow you to maintain optimal performance by identifying any corrective repairs that need to be done.  To further drive system performance, CES can also actively monitor your system remotely and notify you when conditions in performance fluctuate and require onsite services before system failures lead to larger more significant power loss.  

WHO would perform the preventative maintenance inspection?  WHAT kind of results and insights about my system should I expect to gain from the visit? 

Continental Energy Solutions (CES) Operations & Maintenance Team is a clear choice for commercial and industrial system owners, operators and developers. CES utilizes a highly skilled team of NABCEP professionals, electricians and engineers to help you establish an O&M best practices model that will ensure system performance under varying conditions starting with a preventative maintenance check.  

WHY is a preventative maintenance visit important and WHAT are the key drivers to improve the life of my PV system and its performance? 

There are several reasons why an annual preventative maintenance visit is a clear choice for system improvement.  If you are looking at your current O&M best practices model, always consider the following advantages: 

Increase efficiency and energy delivery (kWh/kW) 
  • Decrease downtime (hours/year) 
  • Extend system lifetime (25-40 years) 
  • Reduce cost of O&M ($/kw/year) 
  • Ensure safety and reduce risk 
  • Enhance appearance and image 
  • Often required in financing and warranty

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