Ensure ROI and prevent unplanned repair costs and production losses with our expert O&M services.
Commit to proactive solar maintenance with a 3-step plan for increased productivity in 2023 and beyond.


1. Start with a Solar Analysis

Let the experts at CES perform a remote system analysis.  We can identify inefficiencies that impact your system’s production.  We also look at equipment conditions, portal configurations, and your reporting abilities to get your system ready for a high-performance season.


2. Schedule an Onsite Inspection

Dig in a little deeper into your PV systems overall productivity with an in-depth site visit.  An onsite inspection will give you insight into unforeseen production loss issues and diagnose items that need to be tuned up.  With a background remote solar analysis, we can hone in on needed testing, repair, and troubleshoot any immediate needs.  The results outlined in a CES Inspection Report will help you get to know the performance of your PV system, address any safety concerns, and reveal any larger issues that could be problematic in the future.


3. Plan your Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit

Our Solar Analysis and Onsite Inspection put you in the driver’s seat with full knowledge of your system equipment, capabilities, and daily output.  The Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit focuses on improving your ROI and optimizing your systems’ performance.  CES will design a scope that is the best fit for your PV system size, type. It ensures all equipment and operational mechanics are checked yearly.  Your CES Annual Preventative Maintenance Report will be comprehensive and offer a yearly insight to your operations and system capabilities.  Many small issues can be addressed during your APM preventing costly return visits.

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Solar O&M Takeaways:

Solar Maintenance Matters!
A preventative maintenance program is proactive site management and can catch critical system issues before they become more serious.

Return on ROI
Even if we did not build it, we can still help secure your investment. Our field knowledge can ensure your solar construction is installed correctly.

Work with Experts
Our technicians are the best in the business. We employ highly trained, NABCEP certified technicians, engineers, and our vendors know that quality O&M work is our model.

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