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Net Zero Energy homes are a rapidly growing segment of the construction industry with significant implications for residential designers, developers, and builders. This webinar will cover zero energy basics, trends in this housing sector to date, and resulting changes to the housing industry that are likely to emerge in the next five to ten years. We will also discuss lessons learned by the pioneers, barriers to adoption, and resources available to shorten the learning curve on zero energy design and construction – which is the future.

Ann Edminster, M.Arch.

Ann Edminster, M.Arch., is an international expert on sustainable and zero-energy/zero-carbon homes and communities. A principal developer of LEED for Homes, Ann authored Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet, the award-winning guide to designing and building zero-energy homes. She consults on zero-energy initiatives throughout North America, served as a 2015 US DOE Solar Decathlon juror, and is a director of the Net Zero Energy Coalition. She collaborates with building professionals, utilities, non-profits, supply chain clients, investors, public agencies, and homeowners to create leading-edge projects and advocate for people- and planet-friendly building solutions at all scales. 

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